Proof is always in the pudding right? 

Check out these different properties where we've spruced up their curb appeal with our concrete curbs. Stamped, smooth, coloured or plain - we've placed curbs all over the Greater Edmonton area.


Castlerock Style Stamped Angle Edge

Plain castlerock stamped angle edge, wrapped around a decorative rock coming together in a sharp joined corner. Curbs work like a picture frame for enhancing decorative fixtures.


Smooth Angle Edge Curbs


Sometimes simplest is best. A smooth and classic look, angled to ensure you can still use your lawnmower.

Take a look at our smooth edge installation.


Slate Style Stamped Angle Edge

Light red-brown slate stamped angle edge, framing their lawn and enclosing a rock bed, reducing the amount and complexity of mowing for the owner of this great looking curb.

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