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Products & Services 

Handcrafted Concrete Curbs:

Plain Smooth Angle Edge:

Handcrafted smooth faced angle edge concrete curb, comes with reinforcement wire, uncoloured.

Plain Stamped Angle Edge:

Handcrafted stamped angle edge concrete curb, choose any of the below stamps for your curb, comes with reinforcement wire, uncoloured. We can even use a second stamp to get a particularly customized look for you.

  • Rock Series Stamps:                 Castle Rock         Flagstone         Cobblestone        Big Rock

  • Texture Series Stamps:             Slate                    Stucco               Stone

  • Fauna Series:                             Rose                    Leaf

Add Colour to your Curb:                   

Add antique colour release to your smooth or stamped angle edge curbs, comes with first sealant coat included. Multiple colours can be chosen for a customized look, and you can add additional colour for a stronger punchier look.

Additional Root Protection:

Replace the basic reinforcing wire with a thicker gauge cable to your concrete curb to protect against thick tree roots from pushing up underneath your curb and cracking it.


Ground Preparation Services:

Turf preparation for curb installation:        

We can quickly cut out your grass to install a curb anywhere in your yard.


Cutting out / reshaping garden beds        

Want to expand your garden beds or remove turf to “cut” down on your need for mowing? We can cut out larger spaces to open up new garden space for you while we’re getting ready to install your curb.


Sod Removal and Disposal

For your convenience, we can also pick up your sod and dispose of it for you.

Curb Care Program:  

Resealing services

Ensure your curb’s colour remains protected against weathering. We'll send one of our technicians to re-seal your curb to ensure that your surface colours last longer and look brighter. We recommend you do this bi-annually for best results.

Restoration services

Re-colour your curb after weathering has stripped the colour off your curb. Our technicians will come out and add more colour release and then seal it in to brighten up  your curb after it's been weathered for a few seasons.

  • Sun Buff

  • Oyster White

  • Nutmeg

  • Desert Tan

  • Sunbaked Clay

  • Dusty Rose

  • Jet Black

  • Stone Grey

  • Terra Cotta

  • Walnut

  • French Grey

  • Dark Grey

  • Antique Cork

  • Quarry Red

  • Ash White

  • Adobe Buff

  • Medium Grey

  • Sandstone

  • Autumn Brown

  • Tile Red

  • Light Grey

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